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From Director Rich Brauer:

It seems that there may be a little confusion between the pre-release version of our 2010 suspense film FITFUL and its final release version titled DEADRISE. We like the final version better and because we’re appreciative to those who were first in line to purchase FITFUL, we want to thank you with this simple offer:

Mail us your DVD of FITFUL before July 13, 2012 and receive a brand new DVD of what was actually released: DEADRISE.
It’s fundamentally the same film with stars Renee O’Connor and Larry Joe Campbell, but with a whole new twist, new ending and music/EFX remix. We’re so happy with the new version, that we want you to have it!

Just send your FITFUL DVD to Brauer Productions, the studio that made it and you will be mailed the final DEADRISE DVD free of charge. We’ll even pay for the shipping to you. If you wish, DEADRISE is also available from Amazon.com.

That’s it!
Mail the FITFUL DVD to:

Brauer Productions, Inc.
530 S. Union St.
Traverse City, MI 49684


Here is the link to On Location Memphis International Film & Music Festival. They are holding Fan Favorite Voting. Pass this link on w/ the info to anyone and everyone you know to vote on INFINITY to win!



'Infinity' accepted into the OnLocation film festival.

DATES: April 19-22, 2012. Malco's Paradiso Theater, 584 South Mendenhall. Memphis, TN 38117

For more info: http://onlocationmemphis.org/



Bedside Table (Book Review) - We have two new contributions to our reading list. Thanks to Ana and Mack!

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to take constructive criticism: This absurd comedy short film considers the actions and reactions around judging the efforts of others...

Talking With... (Interview) - Dr. Azita Sayan continues her discussion with me on deepening our understanding of the movement for empowerment by women on a global scale. (part 2)

Roc That Spot - This month's feature restaurant is in Boulder, Colorado.

Fireside Chat - Our forgiveness discussion has brought out the deeper themes at last! I am inspired by each of you for sharing your time and insights with me. Thank you!


Hello Everyone, I want to invite you to join a Tele-Series: 100 Women Of Destiny, celebrating International Women's Day. I will be included as a guest speaker.

There are many insightful speakers with beautiful messages if you want to listen to the entire series. (Forgive me for not getting this to you sooner, yet the traveling to Australia and meeting new friends kept me appropriately occupied!)

My session is March 17th at Noon, Eastern Time. Enjoy! You will need to register to hear the discussion, and I am encouraged to believe this all fits into our greater acts of serving each other.


Come One, Come All, our monthly Video Channel is full of original short films, interviews and more, and it is now FREE!
Enjoy our creative efforts and inspired ideas.

If you have a paid membership please cancel this first and re-join for the Free membership.

Click here to Join Now for FREE.



Bedside Table (Book Review) - 'If You Want to Write' a wonderful book on Art, Independence, and Spirit, by Brenda Ueland

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to Tame a Shrew: At last Andy and I get down to brass tacks in this absurd short film.

Talking With... (Interview) - Azita Sayan is an inspiring leader for many Iranian women who seek support while finding their voice. (part 1)

Roc That Spot - The Peppermill in Las Vegas is one of my favorite stops in that state, when I am looking for a great breakfast.

Fireside Chat - More discussions on Forgiveness. Come and join us!


From Renee:

Thank you ALL for my birthday wishes and continued celebrations of support for all my creative endeavors.

As a gesture of my gratitude, I will be making our ROC Video Channel FREE for everyone starting March 1, 2011. It is with my heartfelt thanks to all the willing individuals who have shown their support to our Video Network that I feel compelled to stretch even more as an artist, seeing the growth in all of us. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my voice with you all.

Again, Beginning March 1st, everyone will be able to start a membership for free. If you currently have a membership, you do nothing and enjoy the results of your continued contributions!

On that note, we hope you ALL will enjoy the hours of laughter and insightful messages we have been sharing together. Love and Light, Renee


Great article in support of Beyond The Farthest Star. Check it out - http://www.TheStarScoop.com



Bedside Table (Book Review) - Women Who Run With Wolves, one of my favorites!

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to control your anxiety. Our featured short film entertained at the
Xena Convention!

Talking With... (Interview) - The soulful Katherine Fugate reflects on Love.

Roc That Spot - Threadgill's, Austin, Texas. This month I am featuring one of my favorite restaurants.

Renee's Monthly Blog - This month begins Fireside Chat, a new format in social networking. Come and Participate!



Bedside Table (Book Review) - The Power of Awareness, by Neville Goddard. I have been enjoying the quiet and solitude I find while reading this one.

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: A look at the absurdity of living life without consciousness. Have you seen anything like this before?

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - The last of the Moby Dick commentary, with Trey Stokes.

Talking With... (Interview) - Katherine Fugate Part2.

Roc That Spot (NEW) - Christmas Market (Berlin Germany) by Kristina Niemann.


A tribute to the last year of the ROC video channel is up on the ROC Pictures website. CHECK IT OUT! www.rocpictures.com



Bedside Table (Book Review) - This is an easy, FUN book to learn more about economics. Thanks for the great material!

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: Enjoy the Gift of Giving with this one. Jed Sura plays in the ring this time!

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - For film buffs out there, Trey Stokes and I continue our unauthorized commentary on Asylum's film, 2010: Moby Dick.

Talking With... (Interview) - The soulful Katherine Fugate sits with me in the first of two parts, as she shares her real life experience of compassion.

Roc That Spot (NEW) - Gemüse Fischer (Schaffhausen, Switzerland) - Sandra Illien has created a beautiful new segment. Her use of photography and music are a taste of

Renee's Monthly Blogs - Happy Holidays Everyone! Thanks to each of you for joining me this year, for growth, inspiration, and entertainment. I enjoyed every minute of it!

New Recipe - Sandra Illien is the first to add to our RoCin' recipes, and a great addition it is! Check out her fantastic regional fare, a taste of Switzerland!



Bedside Table (Book Review) - Diana Joy's tale on domestic violence is one to read for a real insight into the life too many children live...

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: And now for something creepy... as this is my take on all things a little weird, maybe a little scary, and hopefully...

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - This is the first part of the unauthorized commentary of Moby Dick/2010 with Trey Stokes and myself.

Talking With... (Interview) - Adrienne Wilkinson visits us this month, and she talks about overcoming her own fears.

Roc That Spot (NEW) - Hot Dog Soup in Germany. We have our first submission! Kristina Niemann has set a new bar for this segment.

Renee's Monthly Blogs - We are getting ready for Fall around here, bundling up and gearing up for some well deserved rest around the holidays...



Bedside Table (Book Review) - This month's exploration is with dream interpretations and symbols.

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to be friends with an Olympian.

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - 'Infinity' is a short film I helped produce this past July for Randy Crowder.

Talking With... (Interview) - Tara Samuels Part 2. Tara completes her interview with us.

Roc That Spot (NEW) - Want to know where to find the best yellow curry in the South Bay of Los Angeles?

Renee's Monthly Blogs - I talk about my own inner path to staying authentic.



Bedside Table (Book Review) - This is a spin on the usual fare.

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How To Make Friends on a Film Set.

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - Behind the Scenes of Moby Dick.

Talking With... (Interview) - I ask myself the question I have been asking my guests throughout the year...

Roc That Spot (NEW) - I travel to Oregon and visit the Tilamook Cheese Factory, a destination not to be missed.

Renee's Monthly Blogs - How do you celebrate life?


ARK is now on Hulu.com, all ten episodes are there to enjoy


AUGUST VIDEO NEWSLETTER - Features for the Month.

Bedside Table (Book Review) - Ian Kitzmiller returns to visit us with a biography

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to Ace a job interview.

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - Bardcon 2005, was a treat I will remember!

Talking With... (Interview) - Tara Samuels talks with me about her ideas on the key to treating people on an ultra low budget feature film.

Photo - This months downloadable photo.

Renee's Favorite Recipes - Root Beer Chicken, the kid friendly take on Beer Chicken.

Renee's Monthly Blogs - This months blogs from Renee.!


Words Unspoken - Official Selection: Slater Brothers' Hamilton New York International Film Fest.

Web: www.slaterbrothersentertainment.com


JULY'S VIDEO NEWSLETTER - Features for the Month.

Bedside Table (Book Review) - Tara Samuel is a new friend and filmmaker, having just completed her first feature film.

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: The world of pantomime, How To "Chat" Someone Up.

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - Years ago, I learned the skills of hitting marks, speaking on cue, and selling fast food. Enjoy!

Talking With... (Interview) - Bernadette Joyce. Supervising Producer and Post Production Facilitator of numerous projects.

Photo - This months downloadable photo.

Renee's Favorite Recipes - My friend, Ian Kitzmiller offers up a family recipe this month, bringing his comedic charms into full bloom.

Renee's Monthly Blogs - This months blogs from Renee.


Thanks to each of you who contributed and shared your 'How Do I Experience God' videos. From all over the world, you broke through languages barriers and created feelings around God. Thank you!

Now, if you choose to accept, I would like to see 'How Do You Experience Love' videos. Try to transend the obvious and romantic concepts to see what lies beyond, thanks!

Please email your video in a Quicktime format (please keep file size under 50MB) to lauren@ROCPictures.com and we will post them on this site. Have fun!


Hi Gang! This is a message from Emily and Amy, the Indigo Girls, about our dear friend Sulli, who is their right hand gal:

Hey Everyone! We wanted to let you know that our dear friend and guitar tech, Sulli, had a stroke on June 6th. She is doing really well, making fast improvements. As in so many cases these days, Sulli is going to need help with the medical bills. We have every confidence that she will be returning to work at some point in the near future. Until then, she's gonna need us all to pull together and help make her ends meet. Every little bit helps! Please tap into this Paypal link and join us in showing how much we care.

Thank you! Amy and Emily


JUNE'S VIDEO NEWSLETTER - Features for the Month.

Bedside Table (Book Review) - Trey Stokes is back! The director and creative force behind Ark sits with me.

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: To Improve Your Memory. This is an ode to Andy's love for the supernatural.

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - Once a year, I volunteer to be the "celebrity guest" for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

Talking With... (Interview) - Claire Stansfield, The last chapter from our beloved Claire Stansfield.

Photo - This months downloadable photo.

Renee's Favorite Recipes - Killer Shrimp. This month, the recipe comes from Andy's kitchen.

Renee's Monthly Blogs - This months blogs from Renee.


I want to share this with all of you, with thanks for letting all of us at ROC Pictures, Andrew Pinon, Lauren Clifton, and myself to have the opportunity to create original programming on the internet that elevates and inspires a difference in the community. The LA Business Journal edition with all the nominees comes out on Monday. Cheers, Renee

Hi Renee, On behalf of the Los Angeles Business Journal, I'd like to again congratulate you on being named one of the Nominees for the 2010 Women Making a Difference Awards. We hope that you enjoyed the special reception and awards luncheon. Not only did we receive more nominations this year than any other, but the quality of the nominations was very impressive! It was a pleasure meeting you.... be sure to pick up a copy of Monday's LABJ edition as we'll be featuring a special section on the event.
Best regards, Josh Schimmels | Vice President of Advertising Los Angeles Business Journal


Hi gang, YES, I am attending the fan convention in Paris, in August,  and looking forward to meeting the great many of you who never come to Los Angeles to see us at Creation's Xena Convention. If you need more information on where, when and what I will be doing, check out their site, click on the link below:

UltimArt Convention - The Musical Con


'Words Unspoken' is a finalist in the Las Vegas Film Festival. A full film and events schedule is posted on their website at  www.lvfilmfest.com.


Hi Gang! It is that time of year again, the 2010 Los Angeles Burn Relay for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Yes, I will be attending again this year, on Saturday, May 1st. I will be riding as a guest, on the Valley Route, with the convoy of Los Angeles Firefighters, a great honor. If you would like to come to any of the stops listed below, I will be giving away items for a donation to this valuable foundation. In addition to teaching our children fire safety in the County Schools, they provide support and counseling to anyone who has been traumatically affected by fires. Thank you so much! Renee


TG: 632-G1, 445 N REXFORD DR,




TG: 705-J6, 12222 PARAMOUNT BL,


TG: 596-E6, 1303 S. DEL MAR AV,


TG: 596-D1, 2200 HUNTINGTON DR,



TG: 567-A6, 630 BALDWIN AV,


TG: 567-G4, 141 E LEMON AV,


Beyond the Farthest Star - Renee O'Connor video interview. An exclusive Renee O'Connor video interview from the set of the film. Renee sits down with us onset. She talks about the story, taking on the role of Maurene Wells, working with the cast, the vision of the director and a host of other topics. During the interview, never released behind the scene footage of “Beyond The Farthest Star ” accompanies her on-camera talk.

See her interview NOW at BeyondTheFarthestStar.com. Click the “Latest Posts” at the bottom of the HOME page or simply click the feature photo on the page to see the interview.


Great article that just came out about 'Beyond the Farthest Star'. Here is the link.


'Words Unspoken' Method Fest screening details:-

Go to www.methodfest.com click on screening schedule.
Under Shorts Program #7 SIBLING SACRIFICES
1st screening on Sunday March 28 at 1:00pm at the Founders Hall. 2nd screening on Monday March 29 at 5:00pm at the Founders Hall.

You can also find the screenings listed if you click on the link to buy tickets. It will take you to the brownpapertickets website.
'Words Unspoken' is listed under the Shorts program #7 SIBLING SACRIFICES.

Unfortunately Renee will be unable to attend as she is currently filming in Texas.


Hi Gang, 

Remember Michelle Grant speaking in the ' Bedside Table ' interview in the ROC Video Channel about her environmental mission with the Jewish National Fund? If you would like to join her or support the mission itself, please click on the link below for more information.

Click here to for more information.

Thanks to Michelle for being a strong advocate for our delicate living Earth.

My best, Renee


Hello everyone! I am filming in Texas . It feels great to be working on such an incredible, layered role, with a purposeful team. Hopefully, you will hear more about it soon. 

I want to share with you a talented, and inspiring artist, Kourosh Zolani. He is a dear friend of Mary Rocamora's, and someone whose musical talents I greatly admire.

Enjoy his gift to us! Take care, Renee

Watch Kourosh in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeG8J9cGdiU


Our March newsletter is up! We have a great segment with  Michael Moore opening the premiere of Rich Brauer's feature film 'Fitful'.

We have changed the name of the ROC Members newsletter. It is now being called our Video Channel. We think this is a better description for what we are providing, new and original videos to entertain and to inspire you.


Hi gang, it was great seeing those of you who visited the Xena convention this past weekend. What a thrilling and thoughtful weekend. Can't get any better than that! Thanks for all the support over the years. You truly are a compelling group who constantly encourage me to keep riding to the highest star.

Speaking of stars, there is a link to the next feature film I will be working on below. As soon as they attach the male star, they will let you know and filming will begin in Texas. What a birthday I am having this year! 

My best, Renee

For information on the feature film " Beyond the Farthest Star ": http://BeyondTheFarthestStar.com/


Hi gang, the February newsletter is up now. Check out my favorite chocolate cake recipe . Delicious! Inside this month's videos is a truly inspiring and interesting story from Claire Stansfield , on how she began her t-shirt company and transformed it into a phenomenal success story .

There are also more videos from my teacher and mentor, Mary Rocamora on her work with facilitating self awareness. And, Andy Pinon and I made a comedy video in the 5 Ways section about multi-tasking, what NOT to do!

Enjoy the entertainment, my friends. 

Regards, renee


January Newsletter is up. Our first one to start the year 2010 is looking even better!

This month we are featuring Hilary Rubin, Mary Rocamora, and of course, a new "5 Ways to..." video comedy sketch on ' Breaking Up With Your Lover', a la 1940's Film Noir. Also, we have added a new section, YOGA with Hilary Rubin.

We look forward to hearing from YOU in the community forum, where you can share with us what section of the newsletter inspires you. 

We extend our thankfulness for joining us. Your Crew, Renee O'Connor, Lauren Clifton, and Andrew Pinon.

01/01/2010 -

'OFF THE LEDGE' now available!

I am thrilled to let you know that my best mates Brooke Anderson, Dawn Higginbotham, Andrew Pinon & Lauren Clifton have their feature film 'Off the Ledge' now available at your local video stores, such as Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Amazon and Netflix.

Go to www.offtheledgemovie.com to find it directly. To see the trailer, visit my video page and click on Off The Ledge.

I am so excited for them! Renee

01/01/2010 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year to all my friends around the world. I wish for you to extend the joy and gratitude you remembered this past holiday season for a lifetime. I am practicing it now! Be well as you celebrate all things that come your way.

My best,  Renee


The December newsletter is now available. Check it out!!


Renee's Video Blog & 5 Ways to... videos. These are samples from the ROC NEWSLETTER. These videos were in the our September edition. To view all of Novembers videos please join. COME IN AND GET MORE!!



5 Ways to...SAVE FACE!! click to view.


Photos from the NewFilmmakers LA film festival are up in the Gallery. Thanks, Kathy.

I heard from Rich Brauer that 'Fitful' is edited and should be available early next year. Let's see if Ark can take their lead! :)



The Fall Season is upon us, and as you pull on a sweater and look for your turkey recipes, think about a few of the questions we have presented in our current newsletter: "What is your Life's Purpose?"; "Where do you find Fulfillment?"; "What do you do with a Gift of Opportunity?". 

Sheila Callaghan from "United States of Tara" (Writer), and Dawn Higginbotham from " Off the Ledge " (Writer/Producer) join me this month. They are both professional, creative writers who hope to inspire many of you. I hope you can watch all our videos in one sitting and find there are questions will resonate with you long after the videos are over.

Enjoy!  My best for you, Renee


'Words Unspoken' will be playing at the Dallas Video Festival on Saturday Nov 7th @ 7PM.



Renee will be appearing on Brave Heart Women on Wednesday September 9th.

The Panel talks with Renee O'Connor... Are you a Warrior Princess? Learn the right questions for change!



Renee is going to be starring in a new Indie film called 'Fitful'.

The principal roles for the new Brauer Productions, Inc. indie film Fitful have been cast. Actors Larry Joe Campbell and Renee O'Connor will fill the two lead roles.

Fitful, a dark comedy/suspense feature written and directed by Michigan Film Maker of the Year Rich Brauer, will be filmed in Manistee, Mich. this September.

SYNOPSIS: Paula (Renee O'Connor) is an inspector for the Historic Trust who visits an abandoned ship on a desolate waterfront. She meets up with the self-appointed caretaker, Vigs (Larry Joe Campbell), who had blindly made the application for historical status. Moments after her arrival, her car is disabled and she is far from town and is stuck for the night.
Without other options, she takes him up on his offer to spend the night. What follows is a sleepless night of bad dreams and creepy reality.

For more info:





I had the idea of creating a website for original entertainment over a year ago, yet a little space ship named 'Ark' came calling, and I was momentarily distracted.  :)

Now, it's time! ROC membership is a subscription based section programmed with new video content. If you choose to accept, the membership will require you to sign up and the monthly payment of ten dollars will begin access to the private section.

Each month you will view new programming. My vision as we begin this journey is to build our membership site to sustain its own web series as well as more original programming as a vehicle for other filmmakers. The monthly features playing in the ROC members section will be '5 Ways...', a skit looking at the absurdity of life. 'Talking With...', where I interview inspiring women. 'ROCin' Recipes'..., yes, I finally learned a thing or two in the kitchen. 'ROC's Cellar'..., I share my first videos with you... and more.

Enjoy yourselves! renee


Words Unspoken playing at the 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival 5th Annual Event at the Hyatt Regency - Century Plaza, 2025 Avenue of the Stars. Los Angeles, CA 90067

Words Unspoken will be showing on Friday, September 11 in Screening Room #2 at 2:30pm.

For more info: http://www.cciff.com/


Check out the latest ARK articles!




We are pleased to invite your film to screen during our three-day event which is held at Christchurch's Rialto Cinema between September 14 and 16 this year. The Festival is supported by the Canterbury Film Society and the Belladonna Film Trust



Hello! I am excited about attending the NewFilmmakersLA screening at the end of the month. I will be participating in a Q&A session with the other filmmakers about the production. It is a busy month for Words Unspoken...best, renee

NewFilmmakers LA at Sunset Gower Studios is designed to showcase  innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world,  providing the Los Angeles community of entertainment professionals and  filmgoers with a constant surge of monthly screening events.  NewFilmmakers LA provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized  for their contributions, have open audience discussions about their  projects and connect with industry professionals for insight on distribution,  production, acquisition and representation. 

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles at Sunset Gower Studios Hollywood on  Monday August 31st 2009.   
8:00pm  - Shorts Program #2  • Morning Always Comes (Dir. Bailey Edwards)  • From Mars, With Love (Dir. Daniel Hernandez )  • Too Short of an Answer (Dir. Armin Bettels)  • Words Unspoken (Dir. Renee O'Connor)  • Pussyfooting (Dir. Lisa James-Larrson)  • Russel Fish: The Sausage & Eggs Incident (Dir. Terence Heuston)  9:21pm – Audience Q&A with Short Filmmakers Program #2. Following the  Q&A will be a bar reception during the feature program. 

Parking/Getting there  Street parking is available on all surrounding streets of Sunset Gower  Studios. We recommend you park somewhere close to the GOWER  entrance, since that is closest to the screening room . A map of the  location and parking will follow this email shortly. 

Tickets are now available for purchase to the August 31st 2009 program. To purchase tickets online visit http://www.newfilmmakersla.com/pages/marketplace.html


Hi gang, checkout the latest painting for sale on ebay! xxrenee

ebay link - Item number: 330342918849


Hi friends, thanks to those of you who are submitting the 'experiences of God ' videos. We will start running them in a week.

Let the word 'God' point you in the right direction for yourself. There are many names for what I am talking about and getting beyond the distinctions which creates animosity is the point of this experience.

So, please join in! 

with appreciation,  renee


"How Do You Experience God - a video exchange of the feelings"

How would you like to submit a video of your direct experience of God? Let's look at how unique we all are in our perceptions and experiences. Please submit a (1-4) minute video to video@rocpictures.com

We will show them all, paced throughout the year. Please encourage your friends from all religions, or non-religious followers to submit. Anything is possible, whatever translates your direct experience, a sense of a flower, a song.  Let's just see how much we have in common. Discussions will follow, I'm sure!

Thanks, Renee


Hi Friends.

For those of you who do not know, AUSXIP hosted an auction earlier this year and many of you contributed to the Renee O'Connor Outreach Fund. By the way, let's think of another name for this??

I am honored to be a part of this generous community, and perhaps another name would be a better use for the funds as they will most likely continue to be part of a global outreach campaign.  This year the collected funds have been sent to support the Huilloq school project in Peru, in collaboration with Christopher Howard's company to help eradicate poverty. I will keep you posted on the progress of the work.

The project director, Arthur Michel says, "Your generosity certainly comes as a very welcome surprise, everyone here at the Foundation is ecstatic about the news, as I'm sure the children of Huilloq will be when they see construction of the school resume in the coming weeks."  He sent along pictures of a recent visit when he was there to deliver desks for the classrooms. It looks amazing doesn't it?

With thanks! Renee


WORDS UNSPOKEN, has been selected as an "official entry" into the 4th Annual Central Florida Film Festival. It will be screened twice during the festival which runs over the Labor Day weekend (September 4-6, 2009).  Official screening times will be announced a minimum of six weeks prior to the festival.

All films will be screened at the WEST ORANGE 5 THEATER in Ocoee, Florida. There are three convenient hotels within walking distance of the venue.

More details at www.CentralFloridaFilmFestival.com


Welcome to our new site! Thanks to Lauren for making it look so pretty! Check out all the new links, especially the Forum, where you can discuss or ask questions about any of the projects I have been working on.

Enjoy! best, renee


Hi friends, ' Diamonds and Guns ' has never been attached to a Foreign Distributor. So, I wondered if you live outside the United States, you might want to become a 'distributor' of the film for your region? If you are interested in hearing more, please send your bio or resume to andy@rocpictures.com

Thanks! Renee


Hello everyone, I am going to work on DJ Perry and Tony Hornus' film State Of Hate next summer. It is another supporting part, Mona Byers, and she is juicy. We will announce another project between the two of us in a few months where I will be utilizing myself to a greater extent. Right now I am currently co-writing the screenplay with DP Lyle, MD. 

The summer has me writing, writing, writing. I am working with Jed Sura on four short films which will be interactive, and I aim for them to be finished by next Spring. I am also writing the character development for a series about suburban women, which I would love to see land on a cable network. And of course, still keeping Leaning Towards Infinity gratefully in my arms as it will find its timing soon. 

We have changed the domain address of this site to RENEEOCONNOR.NET . Thanks to MaryD for catching it for me. It rolls off my tongue a little easier! We will have a new site up by the end of the week.  Thanks for being here for the journey.

Love and Light ,renee


Hi friends.

I have been trying to find words to say in the wake of the tragedy of the lives lost recently on Air France . I wish there was a way to make your grief and sorrow less heavy. Our greatest gift of being here is our capacity to love one another. I hope you can always feel the amount of love you shared together.


5/27/2009 - 'Words Unspoken' has been accepted into the  WEST HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL August 5-8, in the heart of Hollywood, California.

Note from Renee: I don't know if I will be attending yet, but since our cast and crew live nearby, there should be a nice turn out from the production. Thanks!

5/17/2009 - " Words Unspoken" To be Shown at the Breckenridge Film Festival " on Friday June 12th at 6:00 pm (MST) at the Breckenridge Theater.

For those of you who live in Colorado or will be vacationing in Colorado , "Words Unspoken" will be shown at the 29th annual Breckenridge Film Festival on Friday June 12th at 6:00 pm (MST) at the Breckenridge Theater.

Prices for the event range from $10 for individual tickets, to $199 for an all-access pass. Tickets are available for purchase online at  http://www.breckfilmfest.com/ as well as additional festival information.


Hi gang, if you would like to join my forum at Facebook , please click on this link. Cheers! Renee http://www.facebook.com/pages/Renee-OConnor/72610157729


Guess what good news I have for you today?

Check out http://www.rocamora.ning.com Please look around the site and enjoy!

This is coming directly from my coach and mentor Mary Rocamora. Remember how after my 'one woman show' I said that my acting coach, Julie Ariola, had dared me to be all that I can be, all the time? Well, this stems from Mary's work with Awareness. Her research and insights are right there on the site. I look forward to hearing how your own journey begins to unfold!!!

Love and light , Renee

4/28/2009 - ROC in RIO!! We had a blast! Thank you!


Hello from California!

Feeling a little more rested from the Brazil trip now. I left wanting more of the beauty and hospitality from your country. Thank you all for being so gracious, and you know who you are!

This past weekend was so exciting! I heard directly from Missy Goode that 'Words Unspoken' had a great response at the Memphis International Film festival. Thanks for supporting it for us, with some dry barbeque on the side. We will keep you informed when the film will attend more festivals.

Our Burn Relay for the Alisa Anne Ruch Burn Foundation was incredible! Thanks again to all the firefighters who donate their time every year to help raise money for the children's camps. You are providing for them a festive and creative haven which they look forward to every year! I also appreciate the individual support I received from those of you who spent your day watching me try to hang on to the back of a fire truck! What a blast, eh? I don't know how you all kept up with our convoy since the police escorts closed off the freeways for us to make it through it a timely manner.. How did you manage to make it through the run? Every other fire station, I suppose?

On that note, have an exciting day by trying something to surprise yourself!

Best, Renee


Hi gang! Thanks to everyone go ing to the Memphis Film festival this year to see "Words Unspoken". I wish I could be there, but I had to make a choice. I am thrilled to be participating in the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Relay again this year, on April 25th. We will be running in a convoy of fire trucks, again ;) to help support the foundation's summer camps and their expanded efforts to help enhance the lives of burn victims.

It is always an honor for me to participate. If you are in Los Angeles , and want to take a quick picture, please check their website for the West Side Station stops. I will be finishing my run before the final destination , so please come to one of the earlier stops that day. We usually have a few minutes at each location.

And as for the Memphis On Location Film Festival the the Film Gang going, well, have the best time, ever! I will be thinking of you, and I hope the film has an impact. If not, wake up the crowd, will ya? 

Love and Light , Renee


For anyone attending the On Location Memphis International Film festival , to see Renee's short film,  "Words Unspoken" please take note of the following information:

"Words Unspoken" will be in the Shorts Drama 3 Program, at 8:30 on April 25th.The address is: Malco's Ridgeway Four 5853 Ridgeway Center Pkwy. Memphis, TN 38120 901-681-2047

We hope you have a great time! We look forward to you sharing your experience with us, at Info@ROCPictures.com

4/1/2009 - RENEE in RIO

Tickets and information are now available at http://www.rocproductionsstore.com/

Hello, Brazil !  I am coming to you at last! This is going to be a small gathering, for lunch and an intimate Q&A.

18th APRIL 2009

We will be coming to you with more information soon.

Let's ROC RIO!

3/04/2009 - RENEE in RIO

'WORDS UNSPOKEN' has been selected to show at the 10th Anniversary On Location: MEMPHIS international film festival.


I want my friends in Australia to know that my thoughts and love go out to them. This is a tragedy to families as well as the beautiful country that it continues to be.I am so sorry for your loss!  renee


Hi gang! <>I am busy working on completing my short film, Words Unspoken.   I am very proud of everyone's work on it so far, with only more great artists yet to help me.  Yes, I do have a site at Cafe Press, under ROC Productions .  It is active!  It is real!   best, renee

(click for Renee's latest auction to raise money for
Words Unspoken and Hurrican relief)


US customers can ONLY order through amazon.com
International customers can also order via mail.  Send money order, in U.S. Funds, made out to:

Diamonds and Guns LLC
1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd. #612
Manhattan Beach, CA  90266

International Totals with Shipping
Canada -- $21.65 PER DVD
All other countries -- $24.72 PER DVD

Click here to listen to Renee's AfterEllen.com Dinah interview in Palm Springs.

4/8 -- Miss Iris Sura O'Connor Takes Her First Bow

10/30 -- Renee has a yahoo group at http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/officialreneeoconnorfanclub/

9/17- --
Well, my short film, Words Unspoken, has finished filming, and now, as I am working on the post production, I can reflect on what an amazing experience this has already been for me.  So many stories to tell you, and I will start sharing them once I finish the whole piece. Thanks to everyone who came out to play!  You know who you are.
Best, renee

8/9 --
Hi Gang! Many weeks have past since you heard from me.  Thanks to all who purchased my artwork!  I am currently in official pre-production on my short film.  Let's start there.  If you want to submit to me a picture of yourself to be considered as an extra in my short film, send it to my ROC Productions address, 1601 North Sepulveda Blvd. #612, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.  If you are a nurse or a police officer, or have access to this uniform, let us know. I will be contacting you only if you fit any of the roles.  Please only submit yourself if you live in Los Angeles and have the time to donate for one to two days at the end of August.  Thanks! I thought this would be a great way to continue to keep you all involved! 

Next up, Monster Ark airs August 9th on the Sci Fi Channel.  It looks and feels SO much better than my last one!  Don't let the title scare you away, literally.  I am excited about it!  Gather together with your friends as it will be a fun evening!

The rumors are out about Ark and, yes, they are true.  I am involved in it.  I am having a blast!  I am sorry I will be unable to make it to the Ghost Town screening.  However, I will be at the Atom Films booth at Comic-Con this Thursday, July 24, to promote the new web series.  This was a last minute request so I apologize to all of you who don't have tickets to Comic-Con.  I hear the registration is closed, and they don't sell tickets at the door.  If you are there, please come by and see me at 4 pm.  We will have a trailer to show how good it looks, and maybe we can let a little more out of the bag.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

4/26 -- Hello!  At last, the short film about the man who takes his father on one last joy ride is finally ready to start production.  I am excited to see my writing taking shape and, finally, I have the chance to direct my own piece!  Thrilling for me, but let's see what everyone else thinks later.  It involves motorcycles, children and a couple of stunts!  Hee, hee, hee . . .  Why make it easy, right?  I will be putting some original pieces I have made on eBay to fund the project.  They do call me “grass roots Renee” around these parts.  There will be all sorts of different media such as art on tiles, a couple of pastels and maybe an oil painting.  Keep checking the link below.

Finally, I wish Lucy and all you lucky ladies a rockin' good time in London!  I look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some great pics.

Take care,

3/5 -- Renee is filming an episode of Criminal Minds this week.  She says, "I play a grief-stricken woman.  I love the writing, but it is breaking my heart!"

3/1/08 -- Hello gang!  I will be attending the On Location Memphis International Film Festival next month.  I will be attending the panel discussion on Saturday, as well as the screening of our film on Sunday.  Hope to see some of you there.  I hear Memphis is a great city!  We are thrilled to be a part of the festivities!

2/08 -- Hello, my friends.  Thank you for all the good wishes for my birthday. 
I had a wonderful day, and I am still celebrating!
Love and light to you all,

Hello from Bulgaria!  It is a LITTLE warm here.  We traveled about 24 hours, with layovers and such, and, boy, was Iris the little angel.  I would travel with her anywhere!  She seems to bring out the best in everyone around her.

I have yet to meet my future "ex-husband, Nickolas," but I hear he is very polite.  Hmmm, I guess I will have to break him in.  Fortunately for us, since we have no idea what the other even sounds like, the writing is great!  Speaking of writing, I did not come up with the idea for this movie, The Genesis Code , at all.  I have been submitting ideas to the SciFi Channel, but this was one already in the works. 

Signing off to find some cooler air.
Take care,

Hello everyone!
I trust you all made it home safely after a great weekend in NYC?  What a weekend!  I have not had THAT much fun, for SO many days, in a LOOONG time!!!  I met an intriguing man on the airplane on my way over and we were talking about the book, The Power Of Now.   It is wonderful!  My saying to myself over the course of the weekend became literally, “My destination is NOW.”  And, I really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, meeting new ones, sharing my film experiences with you all, and dancing with Lucy “like no one was watching” (HA!).  Your energy there was infectious!  Thank you all for your continued support.  You really are a special group of people.

Morning!  In case you may be driving by and love to look at billboards, take a peek at Katherine Fugate's t.v. show for Lifetime.  It is on Hollywood Boulevard.  Good on ya lady!  Also, I just heard from Dean Teaster that a billboard for GHOST TOWN the movie is going up in Times Square.  That may be more difficult to see!  And . . . my friend Eric Escobar, the director of ONE WEEKEND A MONTH, made a music video for MY favorite duo, The Indigo Girls.  Check it out.   It is great!  Just going to practice my shimmy now.  Thanks everyone!

Hello all!  I want to thank Mary D for the fundraiser going on and all the gang who continue to support the Burn Relay.  I do hope to see you out there.  I have some goodies to bring.  My son, Miles, broke his leg and I have been so busy taking care of him.  He is finally walking well so he is going to join me on Saturday.  Riding around on a firetruck always inspires a boy!  Take care you all.

Hi everyone.  Happy good Friday.  I hope you all get to spend the weekend with your loved ones.  I want to thank the wonderful ladies I saw last weekend at the Dinah Shore event for coming out to see me.  I always appreciate your making the effort to be there.  I am planning on joining the Burn Relay this year, so stay tuned for more information.  See you all soon.

Hi there gang.  I have been the social butterfly lately.  Catching up with friends and family, celebrating birthdays.  Iris' first birthday was the best!  We hired a moon jumper for the kids, but by the end of the day I was on it.  I was thoroughly enjoying myself, trying to outperform my friend, Andy's, back flips and flying twists!  You can't take the monkey out of me.  I have been submitting Diamonds and Guns to various festivals.  I will keep you updated on any acceptances over the next few months.  Check in here.  Let's hope this will help you get a chance to see it in a theater.  For better or worse!  Ha!  See some of you next week in Palm Springs.

Trying my best to be a Bald Christmas Ornament.  I am getting fixed up so nicely for Boogeyman 2.   Merry Christmas to you all.
All my best,

Hello there.  I put my oil painting "Rangitoto Island" on ebay today.  l love this one!  I hope it makes it into a good home for the holidays.  It will be missed around here, that's for sure.
Enjoy yourselves.

Hi everyone.  Hanging out now after returning from a quick trip to Colorado to visit with family.  What a beautiful winter wonderland we had down there. I begin the last phase of the sound edit for Diamonds and Guns next week.  I can't wait!  Surely this will bring me closer to the final picture!  I am also looking at some great photographs from the set of Ghost Town that I asked "Oenita and Ed" to take for me.  I started on three new oil paintings, too.  One is of Xena and Gabby facing Bethell's Beach, one of Xena on her horse, coming through a mountain range.  And the last one is a sillouette of Xena and Gabs, walking through the Smoky mountains.  Don't ask me how they made it there from Greece!

Hi gang.  Just checking in with you all.  We are filming in Maggie Valley, North Carolina on top of a mountain.  The Ghost Town set used within the theme park is wonderful.  I walk down the street and feel like I am living in the 1800s.  The beauty here barely surpasses the kindness of the locals.  The photo here is with D.J. Perry, who keeps switching hats between acting, writing and producing.  I am with my kind of people!

Hello all!
Just want to let you guys know that I am going to film a western in North Carolina.  It is called Ghost Town and I will be playing a “Calamity Jane” type of role.  It was supposed to be for a guy and the role was named "Little Jack.”  Don't know if that name will stay or not, but I know the “little” part still works.  Anyway, still
working on finishing Diamonds and Guns until I go, but I am looking forward to just saying my lines for a change of pace!

Hi there,
The new painting is up, titled "Green Eyes."  It is on ebay right now.
Hey, hey!!!  I wish you could all see Lucy sing live on stage!  She is even better than on television.  Really looks and sounds like a rock star!  I can't wait to see what she does next!!!!
Peace & love,

Hey, isn't our rockin Lucy doing a great job?  I am sitting at home, holding Iris, watching Miles dance along as "Lucy a-go-go" seduces everybody in America!!!  Yes, I am calling in for her too!  You go girl!

I just started the sound mix for D&G with the guy who created the chakram sound for Xena.  Turns out we have been working together for many more years than I had originally thought, going back to Darkman II and the Hercules tele-movies.  We have some laughs!  He told me the story of how the "whoosh" really started.  He is doing a great job for me. 

The oil painting "Too Much Info" is going up for auction this week on ebay.  This will be very helpful in remixing a better dialogue reel.  Our original was shocking at times. 

That is about it from my world.  I saw the Xena movie sign in the audience,
by the way.  Good on ya!


Hello again.  Remember me?  I haven't forgotten about you gals . . . and you guys checking in.  I have been having the most enjoyable time this summer.  I have been spending it with my family, traveling all over -- from Texas, to New Zealand, to Seattle and back to Texas again.  In fact, I just returned from Austin, where Threadgill's was having a great tribute to the Concert for Bangladesh.  It reminded me of what Lucy was talking about in our last Coffee Talk setting, having been there herself.  So, with a little music in my ear and a smile on my face, I am getting back to work.

I started painting again.  I am almost finished with "Too Much Information.”  Pretty unusual piece.  I watch CNN while I paint it and the vision of Mother Earth keeps bringing herself to the surface.  I will use any proceeds from its sale to finish the last of production for Diamonds and Guns.   Joe Lo Duca's music has finally been completed.  Hopefully, I can start the final post-production phase now.  YE-HA!

Otherwise, my heart goes out to all the families affected in both Israel and Lebanon.

G'Day everyone!  I have been very busy with the little ones in my life, but I am so grateful for every minute with both of them.  Thank you for the signed blessings.  I have printed them out (all 530) and they will go into Iris' baby book.  It was great seeing the gang who turned out at the Burn Relay.  I didn't know I would be attending until the last minute so "thank you to the die hards" who always make it a pleasure for me by seeing your shining faces.

I had a baby girl yesterday, March 19.  Iris Sura O'Connor -- 7 lbs. 15 oz. and very mellow.
Merry Christmas everybody.  Check out my message on the Xena Fanclub website!!!  Yes, I am still trying to finish our film.  I have a great composer on board to help me out on Diamonds and Guns . . . Joe Lo Duca!!!  I am very excited . . .
Have a great holiday yourselves.

Hello!  I have had many requests about interest in investing in my projects to help out with independent film fundraising.  I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm, but, unfortunately, I can't accept donations for a business project.  If you really want to help me, then the most direct path is in finding something I am offering for sale on ebay when it goes up, and purchasing it for yourself or someone else.  Thanks for all the dedication and support!

Hello!  I want to warn everyone who has participated in the ebay sales for finishing our film, that there have been two occurrences of someone trying to commit fraud by trying to resell items that have already been purchased.  Please don't buy anything that is a second chance bid or sale!  If you are approached please contact ebay directly at spoof@ebay.com.  Do not click on any links in the emails.  I am really sorry this is happening, but fortunately, no one has lost anything to whomever is trying to take advantage of others.  You can always leave a message in the “ask renee” area if you are uncertain of any transactions.

On to better things....thanks so much for the support on our film.  Today a friend of mine from New Zealand landed and is ready to help us make an animated piece for Diamonds and Guns.   The characters are not animated.  We are creating a style which will help set the film up as a romantic comedy.  We haven't had any rules to follow, so why start now?!!!!
-- Renee

Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome to my official site!  I'm so thrilled to finally have this up and running.  I couldn't have done it without two very creative people and their unending patience with my changing my mind over and over again.  Looks like we're going to have some fun.  So stay tuned.
--  Renee

I thought having a doll named after "Gabby" was cool, but now I am "over the moon"!  I am feeling very mercurial right now.
-- Renee
(upon being told about the planet "Xena" having a moon named "Gabrielle")


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