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09/30/2013 - Experience “Beyond The Farthest Star” with RENEE O’Connor, TODD Terry, CHERAMI Leigh, ANDREW Librizzi and BENJAMIN Dane at GRAPEVINE/SOUTHLAKE late evening on Fri. Oct.18Renee is also in Houston Sat. Oct. 19 early evening. West Plano, TX appearance is sold out although other viewing times are still available. Reserve tickets NOW for these limited seats!! They'll go quick.

When fans reserve tickets using this link,  http://seatzy.com/star/a/restored – 75 cents of every tickets goes back to Restored Hope Ministries. Restored Hope Ministries is committed to restoring the lives women who have been affected by sex trafficking, slavery, abuse, prostitution and poverty. 

DONATE TICKETS! BTFS deals with teen depression, a growing issue among our youth. We want underprivileged and at-risk teens to experience BTFS!  Individuals or groups can also donate bocks of tickets by calling the BTFS office at 972-384-2929. $.75 of each donated ticket goes to RHM. Street teams will distribute tickets to at-risk teens in DFW area high schools and communities! 

Don't forget SPIFF is coming up this week. Get your tickets now at: www.SPIFFest.org

04/12/2013 - I am happy to say that the April/May issue of Kinetics Magazine is online. Here is the website ( www.kineticsmag.com ) with my interview. It is titled Bringing Awareness Center Stage on pg 3, by Alixandra 

03/19/2013 - Bonjour! I am very excited to say, I will be attending the Xenite Con' II, on the 26th and 27th of October, 2013, in Paris.

Please come and see me at this event: www.xivents.com/xenite-con/?lang=en

10/03/2012 - Infinity has just been selected to screen @
Saturday, October 27th, 12:30pm
Raleigh Studios


Friday Nov 2

Shorts Block 3
5:30pm - 6:30pm

9/07/2012 - Come and support Andrew Pinon's new comedy 'SINGLED OUT':

IndieGoGo campaign

9/07/2012 - Infinity Screening @ Dallas Video Festival:

"Dad Stories" is a block of short films featuring:

Magpie by Russell O. Bush
Infinity by Randy Crowder
Goodbye Engineer by Robert Greene

Screening Time & Location -
Sun., Sept. 30 block begins at 3:45 pm in the C3 Tech Lab at the Dallas Museum of Art

The 25th anniversary of the Dallas Video Festival is being held at the Dallas Museum of Art located at 1717 North Harwood, Dallas TX 75201 downtown www.dm-art.org


‘Introduction to Awareness’ with Renee O’Connor

At RizzlesCon 2012
Scheduled for Friday, July 20. 6:30pm – 9:30pm

THE Official XENA Convention: Introduction to Awareness with Renee O'Connor

January 12, 2013, BURBANK, CA

7/01/2012 - 5 WAYS TO MAKE PEACE: Finally, a new 5 ways video for your amusement, 5 Ways to Make Peace. The 'good' news is that we are actively developing projects, and the 'bad' news is we cannot make this our monthly habit. We love creating "5 Ways To..." for you and for us. It lifts our spirits too! Thanks you for your continuing laughter.

Watch it at www.5ways.tv or in the Video Channel.

6/07/2012 - To our dear Awareness participants: Hi Friends, Feeling more Solid now, thanks! We are planning a change of dates for the Awareness Seminar in Austin. We are looking at a window between late October to early November. We will surely confirm the dates soon.

Thanks, Renee and Michelle

6/07/2012 - Infinity has been selected to screen @ MANHATTAN FILM FESTIVAL, Saturday, June 30 @ 4:30 pm. Hoping all our NY friends can attend. Would greatly appreciate the support.

Venue @
695 Park Ave.
New York

Ticket Price:

Please purchase tickets here:


Also please visit www.manhattanfilmfestival.org/Index.htm Click on Complete Schedule, find and click on infinity and vote by clicking on the stars (hopefully the 5th star).

5/18/2012 - Renee will be participating in a Women in Film panel in Little Rock with Lea Thompson.

Actress Lea Thompson (Back to the Future, Some Kind of Wonderful, The Trouble with the Truth) will present a lively discussion with some of the most talented women working in independent film today. Renee O'Connor starred in all six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess as Xena's sidekick Gabrielle. She then moved on to launch her own film production company - ROC Pictures - where she writes, directs and produces films as well as an online video subscription channel. In her career she has worked with the likes of Elijah Wood and Bruce Campbell. More info here


WHEN: October 6th and 7th
WHERE: Austin TX

More info here


From Director Rich Brauer:

It seems that there may be a little confusion between the pre-release version of our 2010 suspense film FITFUL and its final release version titled DEADRISE. We like the final version better and because we’re appreciative to those who were first in line to purchase FITFUL, we want to thank you with this simple offer:

Mail us your DVD of FITFUL before July 13, 2012 and receive a brand new DVD of what was actually released: DEADRISE.
It’s fundamentally the same film with stars Renee O’Connor and Larry Joe Campbell, but with a whole new twist, new ending and music/EFX remix. We’re so happy with the new version, that we want you to have it!

Just send your FITFUL DVD to Brauer Productions, the studio that made it and you will be mailed the final DEADRISE DVD free of charge. We’ll even pay for the shipping to you. If you wish, DEADRISE is also available from Amazon.com.

That’s it!
Mail the FITFUL DVD to:

Brauer Productions, Inc.
530 S. Union St.
Traverse City, MI 49684


Here is the link to On Location Memphis International Film & Music Festival. They are holding Fan Favorite Voting. Pass this link on w/ the info to anyone and everyone you know to vote on INFINITY to win!



'Infinity' accepted into the OnLocation film festival.

DATES: April 19-22, 2012. Malco's Paradiso Theater, 584 South Mendenhall. Memphis, TN 38117

For more info: http://onlocationmemphis.org/



Bedside Table (Book Review) - We have two new contributions to our reading list. Thanks to Ana and Mack!

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to take constructive criticism: This absurd comedy short film considers the actions and reactions around judging the efforts of others...

Talking With... (Interview) - Dr. Azita Sayan continues her discussion with me on deepening our understanding of the movement for empowerment by women on a global scale. (part 2)

Roc That Spot - This month's feature restaurant is in Boulder, Colorado.

Fireside Chat - Our forgiveness discussion has brought out the deeper themes at last! I am inspired by each of you for sharing your time and insights with me. Thank you!


Hello Everyone, I want to invite you to join a Tele-Series: 100 Women Of Destiny, celebrating International Women's Day. I will be included as a guest speaker.

There are many insightful speakers with beautiful messages if you want to listen to the entire series. (Forgive me for not getting this to you sooner, yet the traveling to Australia and meeting new friends kept me appropriately occupied!)

My session is March 17th at Noon, Eastern Time. Enjoy! You will need to register to hear the discussion, and I am encouraged to believe this all fits into our greater acts of serving each other.


Come One, Come All, our monthly Video Channel is full of original short films, interviews and more, and it is now FREE!
Enjoy our creative efforts and inspired ideas.

If you have a paid membership please cancel this first and re-join for the Free membership.

Click here to Join Now for FREE.



Bedside Table (Book Review) - 'If You Want to Write' a wonderful book on Art, Independence, and Spirit, by Brenda Ueland

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to Tame a Shrew: At last Andy and I get down to brass tacks in this absurd short film.

Talking With... (Interview) - Azita Sayan is an inspiring leader for many Iranian women who seek support while finding their voice. (part 1)

Roc That Spot - The Peppermill in Las Vegas is one of my favorite stops in that state, when I am looking for a great breakfast.

Fireside Chat - More discussions on Forgiveness. Come and join us!


From Renee:

Thank you ALL for my birthday wishes and continued celebrations of support for all my creative endeavors.

As a gesture of my gratitude, I will be making our ROC Video Channel FREE for everyone starting March 1, 2011. It is with my heartfelt thanks to all the willing individuals who have shown their support to our Video Network that I feel compelled to stretch even more as an artist, seeing the growth in all of us. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my voice with you all.

Again, Beginning March 1st, everyone will be able to start a membership for free. If you currently have a membership, you do nothing and enjoy the results of your continued contributions!

On that note, we hope you ALL will enjoy the hours of laughter and insightful messages we have been sharing together. Love and Light, Renee


Great article in support of Beyond The Farthest Star. Check it out - http://www.TheStarScoop.com



Bedside Table (Book Review) - Women Who Run With Wolves, one of my favorites!

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: How to control your anxiety. Our featured short film entertained at the
Xena Convention!

Talking With... (Interview) - The soulful Katherine Fugate reflects on Love.

Roc That Spot - Threadgill's, Austin, Texas. This month I am featuring one of my favorite restaurants.

Renee's Monthly Blog - This month begins Fireside Chat, a new format in social networking. Come and Participate!



Bedside Table (Book Review) - The Power of Awareness, by Neville Goddard. I have been enjoying the quiet and solitude I find while reading this one.

5 ways to... (Short Film) - with Renee & Andy: A look at the absurdity of living life without consciousness. Have you seen anything like this before?

ROC's Cellar (Never before seen videos) - The last of the Moby Dick commentary, with Trey Stokes.

Talking With... (Interview) - Katherine Fugate Part2.

Roc That Spot (NEW) - Christmas Market (Berlin Germany) by Kristina Niemann.




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